Custom Hybrid Packaging

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Lovepac specialize in custom protective packaging solution.

One of the only company in Quebec that manufactures 3 materials under the same roof: Corrugated, Foam and Wood.


Corrugated boxes are an effective protective packaging solution due to their durable and sturdy construction.

The corrugated material provides cushioning and impact resistance, keeping your products safe during shipping and handling.

Tailoring the size and design of the corrugated boxes to fit your items precisely enhances their protective capabilities.

At Lovepac, you can customize your box the way your product requires it and also add your company logo.

Additionally, incorporating appropriate inner packaging materials, such as foam inserts, corrugated pads/dividers can further enhance product protection within the corrugated box.

Combining foam and corrugated together can create a better protection for your product.


If your product is heavy expensive and fragile, we can even consider combining wood with corrugated and create an Hybrid Crate.



Contact us for more infos.

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