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Pelican Protective Cases

Customized any way you want

Lovepac is proud to be an official Pelican distributor throughout North America. Pelican cases have been around for more than 40 years because they are tough, durable and virtually unbreakable! Being a manufacturer of protective packaging allows us to offer our clients unique customization of any Pelican case available. We can adapt just about anything you need for these cases plus meet any military, aviation, and transportation requirements you may have. We work with polyethylene, polyurethane, cross link and a compilation of all these foams to create the custom design you need. Contact our customer service department or our corrdesign team to discuss your custom project.

Pelican cases capture what we do best: taking a high quality product like the pelican case and customizing it to protect what is valuable to you. Pelican cases are robust, attractive cases that will protect your products for a lifetime.