First Launch!

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Welcome to our first e-newsletter ever.  Our goal is to keep you informed with our developments on a quarterly basis and send you promotions and new product information as they develop.

We have just completed out first quarter and have successfully met our budget and goals. Over the summer we have expanded our design team and created a new design and sample department.  Over the past year we have increased our production capacity to the point where we now manufacture 90% of what we sell.  Always in the protective packaging market, revolving around corrugated boxes, foam, and crating. We welcome everyone to visit our web site and explore our new brand Lovepac, products, and services.  The Blog is very informative and will perhaps give you or your engineers some packaging ideas that will apply to your products.

We are equally proud to announce that we were a finalist in the Accolades contest for manufacturers presented by the Chamber of Commerce.

Finally we would like to inform you of our new foam product that we call « 65 » which will help you reduce your company’s foot print.  It is made from a minimum of 65% recycled materials.  We are the only company with the « 65 » product on the market.  To spark your interest, we are offering a 10% rebate on a new project containing the « 65 » foam on the first order.  Just mention the promotion code-GOGREEN.

Regards and have a great quarter.

Love to be part of your pack!

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