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Layered Inventory

On Demand Manufacturing and Flexible Warehousing Options

While we seek to produce custom packaging solutions in run sizes that optimize pricing for our customers, we know you may not be able to store an entire run—especially for assembled foam packs or protective packaging kits.

The Lovepac inventory management program utilizes a unique layered approach comprised of inventory options designed to ensure your packaging is ready when you need it and inventory storage issues are minimized.

The Lovepac layered inventory options:

  1. Make and ship
    • Normal time: two weeks
  2. Produce all and release on-demand
  3. Store flat (corrugated) or assemble (foam)
    • 72-hour service for our five main foam products
    • 3-7 days for product specific foam
  4. Minimum emergency stock inventory available at all times
    1. 24-hour service

On Demand Manufacturing and Flexible Warehousing Options

Lovepac’s flexible inventory program helps customers like you reduce risk with increased delivery speed and service excellence.

24 to 48-hour service on key items at all times