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If you need a custom corrugated box cover with die cut hand holds (as shown), our CorrDesign team will manufacture a cardboard solution in small to medium quantities. We not only produce specialty corrugated packaging but we also offer RSCs, FOL, HSCs, Telescopic boxes, pizza style boxes, die cut corrugated boxes, and much more. Visit our product pages to see our complete online offerings.

Die cut polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam inserts can be formed in many shapes, styles, thicknesses, and densities. We have standard die cut foam styles for common products. If you require a custom protective foam solution, our knowledgeable CorrDesign team can create a foam insert that will provide cushion protection for keeping your product safe from vibration, impact, and multiple carriers.

For a protective packaging solution that reduces your inventory space and protects your product, corrugated (cardboard) inserts and corrugated pallets are often the answer. These come in various styles including regular pads, die cut hinges, corrugated inserts, corrugated pallets, cardboard corner protectors and much more. Our qualified CorrDesign team will custom-design a protective cardboard packaging solution using corrugated materials that wrap around your product and provide maximum protection while keeping you within budget and maintaining low inventory levels. And because we can incorporate ESD packaging (such as ESD gray static shielding bags), we are certain to have a solution that will protect your static-sensitive products.

Wood crates and custom pallets are always a solution to very heavy or fragile items that are often transported by multiple carriers. Our CorrDesign team strives to combine as much corrugated material as possible to reduce weight and material costs in order to help you save on packaging and transport charges. Using our unique CorrMethod approach, we develop protective packaging solutions that produce custom, heat-treated wood crates and custom pallets ready for export. Our designs are lighter and less expensive, and take up less space on your inventory floor. 

Custom Packaging Solutions to Protect What’s Important

Lovepac is shaping the way North American businesses package their goods and materials.

We align quality custom corrugated box and foam solutions with the latest design innovations, manufacturing strategies, inventory solutions and customer care in the protective packaging industry today.

As a proven leader among a new breed of custom packaging solutions providers, Lovepac offers a more consistent and reliable process for protecting what is valuable to you.

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