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Protective Foam

Custom protective foam solutions for all your packaging needs

PE – Polyethylene

Polyethylene or PE foam comes in standard rolls and planks. It is available in a variety of densities, and thicknesses depending on your needs. It is also available in special options such as anti-static, non-abrasive, and recycled. This type of protective foam can also be cut to specific sizes or converted into protective end caps to protect your products during transport. At lovepac, foam is our specialty, below is a selection of products we carry.

Rouleaux de mousse

Foam Rolls

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Polyethylene foam rolls from the Revive line contain 75% recycled materials and are available in the following density and dimension:

  • 1/2’’ thick, 1.7 lbs density, 48’’ wide and 125’ long

These rolls can be cut to 24’’ wide or perforated upon request.

Foam Planks

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Our standard foam planks come in 48” x 108” sheets and are available in different thicknesses and densities (1.2 – 4 lbs per cubic foot). All our planks can be cut to custom sizes to meet your needs. We also offer other options such as anti-static, nonabrasive and containing 75% recycled material.

Revive Foam

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We’ve gone dark to go green

Mousse Revive

Eco-friendly packaging material is a hot topic at Lovepac. Our team is extremely proud to introduce our environmentally friendly protective foam line: Revive foam. Our dark line contains 75% recycled content, and yet has the same physical properties as our regular protective foam materials. Our Revive foam products are customizable in any way you want and come in sheets and rolls. Our foam products are customizable in any way.

Our Revive Products Include:

  • 1/2″ 1.7 lb, 48″ x 125’ black recycled foam rolls
  • 1″or 2″ 1.7 lb, 48″ x 108″ black recycled sheets
  • 1”or 2” 2.2 lb, 48″ x 108″ black regular sheets
  • 1”or 2” 1.7 lb, 48” x 108” black recycled with blue top skin

Choosing an eco-friendly product doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. Below is a table comparing the physical properties of regular and recycled foam.

Physical Properties Test Method ½”, 1” or 2” 1.7 lbs 48” x 108” recycled black sheets and rolls (optional laminated blue top) 1″ or 2″ 2.2 lbs 48″ x 108″regular black sheets
Compressive Strength ASTM D3575-00 Suffix D @ 25% / 50% 4-5 / 9-11 5-11 / 14-18
Compression Set (%) ASTM D3575-00 Suffix B < 25 < 20
Compression Creep ASTM D3575-00 Suffix B 168 hr < 10 @ 1.0 psi < 10 @ 2.5 psi
Density Range (lb / ft3) ASTM D3575-00 1.7 2.2
Water Absorption (lb ⁄ ft2) ASTM D3575-00 Suffix L 0.2 0.13 – 0.3
Thermal Stability (%) ASTM D3575-00 Suffix S < 8 < 8

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PU – Polyurethane

Ultra-soft and ultra-pliable PU options are ideal for contouring those extra-delicate products.

PU – Polyuréthane

  • Straight
  • Convoluted
  • Gray
  • White
  • ESD (electrostatic discharge)

Available in most densities.


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Polyethylene profiles provide surface and edge protection to limitless packaging applications. Able to conform to just about any product contour, foam profiles are easy to use and withstand multiple impacts as well as constant vibration. They are available in multiple shapes and come in 72’’ sticks that can be cut to desired size.


Lovepac expertly designs your protective inserts in the most cost effective manner possible.

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embouts en mousse recycléeRecycled foam endcaps

Foam endcaps are the best solution for packaging fragile goods. Created from our “revive” recycled foam line, they are custom designed to fit your product so that it will be suspended inside the box during transport. All of our foam endcaps are custom designed to offer the best protective solution, at the best price.

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Hinged foam end caps

embouts en mousse à charnière

Foam endcaps are the best solution for packaging fragile goods. Hinge style endcaps are created using foam that has a denser blue layer that is cut in specific places only. With this method called “kisscutting”, the blue layer will act as a hinge and create an endcap that is shipped flat and can be easily constructed when needed.

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