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Custom Pallets and Crates

Wood crates and custom pallets are always a solution to very heavy or fragile items that are often transported by multiple carriers. Our CorrDesign team strives to combine as much corrugated material as possible to reduce weight and material costs in order to help you save on packaging and transport charges. Using our unique CorrMethod approach, we develop protective packaging solutions that produce custom, heat-treated wood crates and custom pallets ready for export. Our designs are lighter and less expensive, and take up less space on your inventory floor.

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Wood Crates

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Hybrid Crates

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Custom Pallets

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EasyCrates feature patented technology, are shipped flat and collapsible for easy storage. No tools are needed to open them, they’re light weight, reusable and stackable. No nail, screws, metal or plastic clips required. EasyCrates are durable, fast and easy to assemble and manufactured and designed in Canada.

Available in OSB 5/8 for heavy duty applications. Made of 5/8” plywood, foam liner and custom foam inserts (optional). ISPM 15 certified. Company logo can be imprinted (optional).

Lovewood Crates

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There are more than a thousand different ways to build a crate. Your application will help us determine the ideal construction and assembly.

Lovewood offers an unconstrained variety of custom crates. Custom designs for wooden crates and containers are specifically tailored to your needs, while keeping them as simple as possible
for production and application.

The fully customizable design from Lovewood is the perfect solution to stand out from your competitors!