Corrugated Inserts, Pallets and ESD Bags2022-03-17T15:49:45-04:00

Corrugated Inserts, Pallets and ESD Bags

For a protective packaging solution that reduces your inventory space and protects your product, corrugated cardboard inserts and corrugated pallets are often the answer. Our cardboard inserts for packaging come in various styles including regular pads, die cut hinges, corrugated inserts, corrugated pallets, cardboard corner protectors and much more. Our qualified CorrDesign team will custom-design a protective cardboard packaging solution using corrugated materials that wrap around your product and provide maximum protection while keeping you within budget and maintaining low inventory levels. And because we incorporate ESD packaging (such as ESD gray static shielding bags), we are certain to have a solution that will protect your static-sensitive products