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CORR Method

The Industry’s Only Branded Process for Custom Box Manufacturing

Lovepac leads the way in all aspects of sales, design, customer service, delivery, quality control and e-commerce capabilities in the realm of custom protective packaging.

Our proprietary strategic process—the Lovepac CorrMethod™—delivers on the promise of a more consistent and reliable customer service experience and ultimately, creates a corrugated or foam packaging solution that consistently protects our customers’ valuable goods.

The Lovepac CorrMethod: Transparent, Focused and Strategic

The Lovepac team tackles custom packaging solutions differently—and we believe, better. We begin by asking the “tough love” questions; then, once we get to know each other, our expert packaging team will have the information they need to propose smart solutions for meeting all of your custom packaging project objectives.

From product design, custom manufacturing and inventory management, your protective packaging solution will ultimately meet our combined goals:

  • Design and produce a custom corrugated box, crate and/or low or high density foam packaging solution that will protect your valuable goods
  • Establish a long-term relationship through a highly personalized, interactive customer service experience
  • Support your business needs with innovative inventory, e-commerce, and technology tools for the long term