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Providing the Best Solutions!

Lovepac has been designing and manufacturing customized shipping crates and shipping boxes in all sizes and forms for various industries for years. For international shipments, whether you ship by air freight, sea freight or surface freight, our goal is to provide the best solution for your shipping needs in a reliable, fast and cost effective [...]

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Protecting with Endcaps for International Shipments

Do you realize the abuse a box takes once it leaves your shipping dock? It may be thrown, dropped, stepped in, crushed by the weight of other boxes, and so on. This does not even include environmental abuse a box may be exposed to, such as [...]

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Foam Packaging Benefits

It can be tempting to cut corners when shipping fragile products. Both industrial and consumer items can be packed to a budget. However, when even a surface blemish or scratch can render the product unfit for sale, items damaged in transit can quickly make cheap [...]

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Foam Cushioning for Fragile and Heavy items

Our perfect customer is someone who repeats their orders and has a heavy product to ship. Their product is not only fragile, but expensive and it ships around the world.  The reason you are our perfect client is because your product requires our design teams [...]

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Product Catalogue

This just in! Our new product catalogue has launched. Check it out by clicking here.

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Revive Foam: 4-way Protection

4 way to protect your fragile product with foam LovePac’s Revive foam is known for its great protection capabilities. But why is that protection so efficient. Protection against vibration When a product is ship by truck the package is submitted to a lot of vibration [...]

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Lovepac welcomes Novapac into its pack

MONTREAL - October 19, 2017 - Lovepac, a Montreal-based protective packaging company, is taking a bigger slice of the packaging market by acquiring Novapac, a leading supplier of pizza boxes and related products. “The two companies are truly a great fit,” said Robert Sibthorpe, President at [...]

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As President of Lovepac, I have been inspired to reduce our environmental impact since we opened.  Over the years we have introduced our Revive foam line that is 100% recyclable before and after conversion. It is with confidence that I can say 96% of our [...]

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100% Recyclable

Drones and autonomous cars are the future. How is packaging implicated in all of this? What are the latest trends in packaging today? Protective packaging itself has become the North American trend, due to high technology production coming back to Canada, the USA, and Mexico. [...]

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Engaging Packaging

With packaging, design creates personal experiences that connect consumers to brands on a deeper level. Packaging design is all about engaging their sense of touch and sight. They’re also becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a result, the trend in packaging design is toward meeting the demands [...]

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Extra Strength Packaging

FOL - Full Overlap Cartons is the same as a RSC but with flaps that cover the base and top completely, known also as a full overlap box. This gives extra strength to the cardboard box when assembled for heavy-weight product packaging needs. This style [...]

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The Full Overlap Box (FOL)

The full overlap box, or FOL as it is known in the industry, is the second most efficient box in the corrugated cardboard box industry.  However, depending on what you pack it may rival even the RSC in design. This is because it provides extra [...]

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Deliver Safely with Foam

Great way to protect your stuff is with foam. As a trusted reader of my blogs, you know by now all the great foam properties of foam. That soft stuff, polyethylene or polyurethane- choose wisely. We can combine some foam with corrugated to create awesome [...]

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Global Shipping with Foam Packs

Ecommerce is here. Shopping online has become a key part of doing business. Shipping in bulk and on a pallet is still common, however the increased demand for light weight courier shipments are only going to increase. Fragile, expensive, bulky items require more than just [...]

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Customize Your Wooden Crates

Are custom corrugated boxes not big or strong enough for you? Lovepac can answer your every need! Our custom wooden crates will provide you with a solution for those big and heavy items that need to be shipped all over the world. Each one of [...]

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Reduce Shipping Costs with Hybrid Crates

E-commerce is here to stay-there is no disputing that fact. The question remains, how does a company remain competitive when shipping is a major cost for the e-commerce industry?  This is an even bigger variable when you are shipping something that is big, heavy, and [...]

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Foam End Caps Assessment

The most popular/versatile type of inner packaging that also offers the best cushioning for your product. If your product meets any of the below criteria, then foam end caps might be your packaging solution. Heavy Large Fragile Expensive Sensitive Shipped by courier Shipped overseas The [...]

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Customize Your Foam Endcaps

Foam end caps, most of the time, are made from Polyethylene foam. It is an easy and simple way to create protection around the product. Due to its versatility and performance, the manufacturers of different kind of products tend to use foam end caps when [...]

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Beyond The Pizza Box

My favourite style! Pizza style box! Everybody knows this type of box and everybody has used it. The name comes - you guessed it - from pizzas. We get our pizzas in them. Transporting a pizza is only scratching the surfaces of the possibilities this [...]

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Die Cut Trays – Multipurpose and Versatile

A die cut tray is a simple effective corrugated (cardboard) style. This can be used as a low height tray for baked good, small products, a display and/or even a tray that contains partitions to divide multiple products for easy packing. A tray can also [...]

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The Bin Box

The bin box is not the typical style of box you would think of when thinking about cardboard/corrugated materials, however using a bin box to store your small parts in a racking system can save you time and money.  The style is simple, an open [...]

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Slotted Boxes – We Make Them All!

A square box. Pretty square. Not much excitement. Those are the kind of boxes that are being used to ship the goods around the world, now lets talk about a slotted box. Sfrom one piece of corrugated cardboard and even though they lack excitement, they [...]

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The Standards of Drop Testing

A drop test is riddled with little understanding and lots of confusion in the packaging industry. Fedex, Nebs, Cric and ASTM are all standards designed to improve this confusion and reduce damage to your product. The issue quickly becomes, what standard do you follow? It [...]

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Considering Criteria: Protective Packaging and Tests

Lovepac is a leading manufacturer in protective packaging in Montreal. We take our job very seriously! We have a team of designers (our Design Squad), who work around the clock to make sure the protective packaging they designed is best suited for the protection of [...]

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