Boxes From Lovepac

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Did you know that we sell boxes?  Yes, we actually make and sell corrugated boxes.  For years we have been marketing and pushing the fact we are your protective packaging specialist.  We pushed the fact that we can combine various types of materials such as polyethylene & polyurethane foam, corrugated, wood, ESD material, etc… to protect your product from damage.  Well, it turns out that the product that we produce the most might have been lost or forgotten as our main product offering.

In fact, we have a sheet plant, one of only 17 in the Montreal market.  We are able to make you pretty much any custom size box that you can think of.  Better yet, we specialize in small to medium size quantities so that order of twenty five boxes you were wondering how you would get is solved.  We will do it.  And we can print them with your logo as well.  We have one of the best quality flexo printing presses on the market.

Look at us when you need boxes.  We can design them, make them, store them, ship them when you need them, and make sure they protect what is precious to your business.

Corrugated boxes, we make those too!

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