Interesting Facts About Packaging Boxes

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There are many different types of boxes and the word for box is taken from the Greek, meaning box or boxwood. Boxes may be made from durable corrugated cardboard, paperboard, as well as wood and metal. Packaging boxes come in various sizes from one big enough to hold a large appliance such as a washing machine, to boxes small enough for packaging pocket size boxes of matches.

Cardboard packaging boxes are generally used as shipping containers for transporting goods to other areas and even abroad. When most people talk about a corrugated packaging box they’re referring to a cross sectioned, rectangular box with flat sides, alternatively it can refer to a square, round or elongated horizontal cross sectioned box with sides that are non-vertical and with a sloping or domed top. Some boxes may be pulled open or have a lid that needs to be raised or that slides off, particularly if the packaging boxes are used as gift boxes. At Lovepac we can design and manufacture boxes that suit your packaging needs!

Source: Jason Brooks – Interesting Facts About Packaging Boxes

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