Foam Explained

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We have 2 categories of foam. The first one is Polyethylene (PE or LDPE) foam planks. It usually comes in a sheet size of 48’’ x 108’’ for any foam thicker than ½’’.  Half inch comes in a roll of 4’ x 125’ and quarter inch comes in 2’ x 250’ roll. It also has a variable density, the standard product in PE foam is 1.2lbs to 2.2lbs  ( lbs per square inch). I guess you could call this type of foam a hard foam.

The second product we have is polyurethane (PU) foam. This is more of a soft foam. It also comes in 1lbs and 2lbs density. It is possible to get it in convoluted form or planks. Convoluted is like an egg shell container. It has the little spikes sticking out. This foam comes only in white, light gray or dark gray. This product comes in any plank size you want (ex: 2’’x3’’x3’ or 24’’x108’’x12’’).

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