Bubble Wrap History

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Did you know that our foam partner Sealed Air invented bubble wrap? In 1957, two engineers: Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes sealed two shower curtains together, which trapped hundreds of small air bubbles between the two sheets. They originally tried to market it as wallpaper! When that didn’t work out, they created the Sealed Air Corporation in 1960 and after a few years or research and refining, they discovered their invention would work very well in the protective packaging business. Bubble Wrap’s first client as a packaging material was IBM computers. Last year Bubble Wrap turned 50 years old and is used worldwide in packaging solutions. There is even the ” bubble wrap appreciation day” which is held on the last monday of January!

Head over to sealed air’s bubblewrapfun.com for everything bubble wrap! And if you need any for your packaging project, give us a call or write to info@lovepac.com

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Sealed Air website

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