A Word From Rob, on Saving Station Foundation

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Dear Partner/Supplier/Friend

I have been asked to support a close friend of mine. His personal foundation called Saving Station, is helping out our community through continuous support to this organization.  Alvin Powell, an ex NFL football player, has devoted his life to helping teenagers struggle with drugs.  I am privileged to be asked to help such a devoted and inspiring individual.  He is on my top five list of people who personally add value to the world.

I am asking you to donate to this cause.  Documentation on how you can support the foundation is available here. Your donation will help young teenagers.  I can personally tell you that this man will help hundreds of children each year get back on track and live a normal, drug free life. Your money will go directly into the foundation allowing Alvin do what he does best-live motivational speeches, drug interventions, counselling, and many things that you and I cannot even imagine. Having increased support and meeting their current annual goal of $200,000 will allow him to increase the amount of kids he helps by at least twofold.

A tax receipt for you can be arranged directly with the foundation or you can donate the funds through the attached marketing options, allowing you to put your company logo in their annual booklet.  If you would like to attend the event because you are personally touched by this issue, please do not check this box-Contact me directly and you can come as my personal guest and I will buy your ticket.  This is limited to eight people and also to the limit of tickets sold for the event, so please let me know as soon as possible.  You will not be disappointed by his performance.

I personally have been asked to raise $14000.00 for this year’s campaign.  I would like to ask you for an amount that you would be willing to donate going forward.  I appreciate all help and support.  However this is a continuous fight and they need funds each and every year to survive and thrive.  I ask for an amount that you would be comfortable giving each year.  I have never asked my connections to help for anything in the past and never wanted to make a trend of this in the future.  However the impact that Alvin Powell and his foundation has on our community is more than tremendous.  He really is saving our children’s lives.

Please donate what you can, send me a check directly payable to ‘Saving Stations’.  I appreciate all donations and nothing is too small.  A tax receipt or appropriate size marketing ad will be provided upon request by the organization.   I thank you in advance for your support.  If you have any questions, please call my cell phone directly at 514-839-3396 or email me at rob@lovepac.com.

Thank you once again,



Robert Sibthorpe              MBA

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