Palletizing Your Corrugated Boxes the Right Way

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Did you know?

The weakest point in a corrugated box is in the center of the box?   So by stacking your boxes chimney style you are actually making your box weaker.  I agree, it helps to stabilize the pallet but there is a compromise.  Let’s say for example you have a pallet with 6 layers high, you column stack the first 3 rows for strength and assure that there is no crushing, then you cross (chimney style) the last 3 rows of the pallet.  This way you get the best of both worlds.  Your bottom boxes are stacked so the CORNERS are taking on the weight (which by the way is the STRONGEST point in a box) and your top boxes are securing the stability of your pallet.   After all this is said and done, let’s keep in mind that the best way to stack on a pallet is column style from bottom to top.

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