Guess the Project

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Can you guess what our designer is working on? Click here for the answer.

Liners, tubes, pads, build-ups, dividers, partitions and other inner packing pieces can be made in an infinite variety of ways to separate or cushion products, to strengthen the box or to prevent product movement by filling voids. They may be simple rectangles, or scores, slotted, scored and slotted, or die-cut shapes.

Partitions or dividers provide a separate cell for each item in a box. They are used primarly for glassware and other fragile articles.

Inner packing pieces, which are scored and folded, can take up many shapes. Inner packing pieces are used for cushioning, suspension and separation, and to fill voids. The suspension function holds the product away from the walls of the box to lessen the impact of drops or bumps. Completely filling voids created by irregularly shaped products adds stacking strength to the box.

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