The Science of Making Boxes

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Have you ever stopped to think about all the things that need to be considered when designing a simple corrugates cardboard box? To create the perfect protective packaging, we have to consider 3 major thing: Product, Packaging and Transport. For each of these categories, your designer will have lots of questions for you. For example:

Your packaging:

  • What will it contain?
  • How will it be transported?
  • Problems with assembly, manufacturing, or marketing?
  • Environmental or disposal problems?
  • Cost and efficiency?
  • Time allowed for development process
  • Appearance (graphics, color, surface finish, etc).

Your product:

  • The shape of your product and its dimensions
  • Strength characteristics ( fragility regarding shock, vibration, stacking, etc).
  • Perishable, hygroscopic easily corroded etc.
  • Subject to contamination / contaminant
  • Light or UV sensibility / Magnetic fields
  • Abrasive / Easily scuffed?


  • Static or dynamic compression
  • Shock during manual or mechanical handling
  • Vibration, puncture, pressure
  • Temperature or humidity changes
  • Time – time negatively affects all packaging capabilities to some degree!

It is only when all these factors have been considered that your designer start working towards creating the perfect corrugated packaging for you and your product!

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