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With Halloween out of the way, Christmas is in the air, the tunes have even started in the Shopping Malls.  But what will you have for Christmas tree this year ? Will you use your fake one stuffed in the wardrobe since last year! Buy a real one smells amazing but keeps you finding needle till June next year. Or go for a recycled version and make one like Giles Miller a British designer did in 2011. His work was shown in he public atrium of Design Museum in London, United Kingdom. It stood 20 foot tall.  The tree had 3,600 hand made pieces, placed around a pipe to give a spinning sensation. Miller has even become popular due to his creative creations with Cardboard. The Design Museum has submitted the Cardboard Christmas tree to the Guinness Book of World Records to formalize is as the tallest in the world.

You could even make your own version of a corrugated Christmas tree and send us a photo, we would love to here from you and post you Photos on our Blog! Give it a go … Enjoy !

Via : Craziest Christmas Trees of 2011

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