Cardboard War

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Did you know that if you walk through a drive through they wont serve you ? I did not know that. Well some teens from Ottawa who do not have a drivers licence decided to conduct their own experiment.

They built a cardboard tank and Drove-Thru ! The cost of the Tank was $50 and a lot of effort. They bought nails and wood for the structure and covered it in boxes which they painted camouflage. Their wheels were an old desk chair.

“We had heard of other people walking up to drive-thrus with a piece of cardboard, pretending to be a car,” said Kingsong Chen to the Ottawa Citizen. “We wanted to one-up that – do something much bigger. Why not a tank? It’s very definitive just by the turret.”

They recorded their ride! In Drive-thrus in Ottawa in October and the video has gone viral, which is great for the positive PR some fast food chains got but not so great for others, check it out to see for yourself. It appears some people have more of a sense of humour more than others.

Click here to check the video : CARDBOARD TANK DRIVE THRUS

Via : Ottawa Citizen

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