A Day Of Production

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A box is just a box… right? WRONG! Each day at Lovepac I am realizing that more and more. Today I spent the afternoon working with the production team and I was blown away by the amount of time, effort, and precision that goes into bringing our designs to the customer.

Without the consistent effort of the team and their commitment to detail in the factory the efforts of the sales and design team would be for naught. My day in the plant made me realize clearly how hard everyone works to make sure the packaging needs of our customers are met!

Something else that I really appreciated about the process I was a part of during my day in the factory was the lack of waste of materials. On the corrugate side the production team minimizes waste by cutting to measure and then they are very careful to clean and bundle the scraps so that they can be recycled. On the foam side all pieces are cut to specific measurements and every piece of scrap is melted down and recycled!

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