Spring cleaning

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Spring is in the air and moving is just around the corner. Whilst you’re up to your spring clean why don’t you prepare yourself for moving as it’s nearly that time of year again. I believe a good idea as not to scramble at the last minute is to prepare yourself 4 boxes. Have one for sell ; this will give you time to put you things or Kijiji or Craig’s list. Another will be for trash. This is anything that is broken or cannot be re used by another. The next is for donate. This is a great way of giving back. Take it to your local charity or church or whichever you support and let them create some funds off your old unwanted items. The last box is keep. Remember that we don’t need as much as we think to live so keep it simple.

Note:  once it’s in the box, don’t take it out!

Enjoy your new order and your freshly cleaned home.

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