Will On the Road

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The long and winding road continues with Lovepac! What a great week! I was literally all over my territory this week, knocking on doors and visiting potential clients. The week ended with an awesome meeting between myself, the head of our design team, and our prospective client! It is amazing how efficient technology has made our business because while I was in the field with the prospective client, our designer, Matt, was in his office listening in via FaceTime on his iPhone. Things just become simpler!

This event really let me know the value of teamwork in this business. A routine stop and a few innocent questions helped me realize that the client was not only bubble wrapping his products but also double boxing them. Wasting time and money in the process. Due to the incredible technology at our disposal, Matt was able to check out the products and suggest a more cost effective solution for the client! A double bonus with this is that our client is very committed to protecting the environment and was very happy to be using less materials and creating less waste to ship his products.

Another week in the books and more lessons about packaging learned, I am super excited for the week to come and what this fascinating industry will throw my way next!!

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