Travel Cases and Sales Kits

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All travel cases, marketing cases and sales cases are different and need special attention to detail. We use Tanos and Pelican cases that are completely customizable from the inside out. We work with polyethylene, polyurethane, crosslink, and hybrid foam. They are offered in a range of colors and densities. The cases themselves can also be customized if you require unique branding on the outside of the plastic case. They are like tour cases with branding that provide an organized wow factor for your samples.

Lovepac can take your product and design a plastic case using your input on design. Our foam can be low abrasive, low or high density, and even static controlled. Military, high-tech, or aerospace industries can be confident in our Corr Design Team in providing you with a product that meets your technical specifications.

The plastic cases themselves come in a variety of colors. If you need a specific color that is not part of the standard lines, then for a minimum quantity, we can order you a specific PMS (Pantone) color scheme. In some cases, the plastic cases have special slots on the outside that you can economically insert promotional cards. This provides you with excellent image and branding at a low investment.

Our foam is very diverse and will work with any sample kit you wish to put together. We have a sample table with special knives that can cut multilevel layers. This will provide a huge impact to your customers when your sales rep opens the sample kit and shows it to your existing and potential clients. Your sales team will be able to travel with it, using it similarly as travel cases, flight cases, and carry on cases.

Go to our website now and click on live chat and talk to a Lovepac plastic case specialist.

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