Pelican Cases for laptops and other electronics

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In a previous life, I spent my summers working in the oil fields of Canada. It was a rough job, but an amazing way to pay for university. One of the things that I can clearly remember of my time in the oilfield, was the incredible difficulty I had with technology. Each summer I would destroy at least one mobile phone from all the dust, dirt, grime that is in and around these places. Many co-workers complained of the same problem and tech guys made a fortune fixing all the broken tech equipment. When I started working at Lovepac and learned about all the customizable things you can do with a pelican laptop case I was blown away. They can be waterproof cases or dust proof cases. They are the perfect hard shell protective case. They even have heavy-duty pelican smart phone cases. I know I would have killed for something like that when I worked up there. I would have saved myself literally thousands of dollars!

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