A Story About the Packing Foam and the Machine Shop

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We have a machine shop customer that produces a large, heavy item with a rigid surface. Like a lot of companies, this is one of many amazing and valuable products they create. But sadly, there was a time when there was only so much they could do to guard against damage in transit.

This is one of the worst kinds of damage, in my opinion, because it creates such a gray area when something is scuffed or scratched. Is it the manufacturer’s fault (our customer)? The distributor’s? The delivery driver’s? Perhaps it’s the fault of their customer!

Usually the item is returned, forcing vendors to sell the product at a markdown or worse, try and fix it on their own. This was causing our customer to lose time and money. Plus, such a practice undermined all the good things about their fantastic product line… no one trusted the products would actually arrive undamaged.

So we offered a simple solution: polyethylene closed cell foam sheets and foam corners! The custom foam corners attach to each corner of the unit during transit.

The polyethylene foam packaging works great. Our customer now wraps plastic over the closed cell foam corners, allowing the polyethylene foam to create a buffer against the unit. No longer does it scratch up against other units or walls in transit, thanks to a simple foam packing material solution.

And no longer does our customer – or their vendors – continue to lose time and money. This simple and cost effective packing material solution is a short-term investment that is yielding great results for the long term!

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