Why Invest In Custom Foam Inserts, Corners or Sheets?

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Companies all over the globe are trying to get lean and cut costs. This is a necessity brought about by the hyper competitive business environment we all operate in.

Oftentimes, companies look for the most cost effective way to ship their product and sometimes what they come up with is, to say the least, interesting.

We understand that it simply does not make sense to ship some products with packing foam. But there are times when options like custom foam inserts, foam packaging sheets, or polyurethane foam sheets are truly a necessity.

Here are a few examples of times when packing materials are simply good for business:

  • You need to stand out from a crowded marketplace and ensure your product has maximum presentation value to your clients. A lot of the time industries get stale and bland. Packaging foam inserts and foam packing supplies mean added packing protection value that really helps give your company a leg up on the competition.
  • Your product needs to ship safely. Who wants their valuable products to rub and bump up against other cargo or storage surfaces? Nothing quite does the job like custom foam inserts or foam sheeting for boxes for ensuring the safety of your product in transit.
  • Product sensitivity is an issue. Multiple impacts, constant vibration, static, and even UV are all potential hazards. Today’s foam edge protectors, foam corner protectors, foam sheeting, and foam board packaging can help your product travel safely from Point A to Point B.

We have tons of ideas for adding foam to your packaging! Call us today or click here for more information.

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