The Cost Of Cutting Corners with Improper Packaging Materials

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I arrived at a client’s office this week to solve a problem I had seen coming for a while.

It’s tempting for a company – any company, for that matter – to sacrifice quality for price. This company was trying to ship a five-kilo item around the globe using a single wall stock box. Single wall stock boxes are very useful, but in our experience they just don’t do the job; a custom packaging solution is a smarter investment for the long term.

This company learned that fact the hard way, having literally spent hundreds of dollars replacing damaged product plus uncounted hours apologizing to their client and hassling with the courier.

It took me a heartbeat to recommend packing foam as a smart business decision. Foam packing material is a great way to protect products, especially those that require custom packaging. Many customers use custom foam inserts for boxes that are configured to protect their products in all the right places.

Sheet foam is also a big seller – our polyurethane foam sheets act like a protective foam board and provide cushioning to every side of a product.

We even have many eco friendly packaging materials available (including biodegradable packaging materials) for those looking for environmentally friendly packaging options.

Here is a reality that companies often forget: Packaging is like insurance. It is always better to be over protected and have piece of mind than under protected and hope for the best. Packing foam solutions are a small investment in the ongoing success of your company. Our client is now shipping with custom foam packing supplies and enjoying much-improved peace of mind.

Please call us or click here for more information. We’d love to be part of your pack!

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