Step Into Lovepac’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Footprint

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At Lovepac, we work every day to keep our environmental footprint on the packaging world significantly small. As a protective packaging manufacturer, we’ve created key environmental initiatives and applied them to our entire custom package design process. By using biodegradable packaging materials, eco-friendly inks and adhesives, and even green shipping procedures, we strive to be a leader in eco friendly packaging.

Not only is our decision to use environmentally safe packaging materials a general standard, but the materials we choose are RoHS and REACH compliant. This assures our customers that there are no toxins in our products and that our packaging materials consistently meet strict European environmental laws.

Lovepac customers take great pride in knowing that 94% of our eco friendly packaging materials can go into their recycle bins. Did you know:

  • The materials we use in our converting process contain an average of 67% recycled content. This standard alone saves a small packaging company like ours more than 250 trees a year!
  • Our processes for producing polyethylene closed cell foam or foam planks and sheets save thousands {??} of barrels of petroleum every year. {Do you have a statistic that could tie in here?}
  • All the trim from our manufacturing processes—for both foam packing materials and corrugated boxes—is 100% recycled.
  • Our complete packaging line is safe to export worldwide and will meet any restrictive requirements—especially any related to the production or use of eco-friendly materials.

Lovepac’s company values are based on C.A.R.E.S., with the S standing for sustainability. We believe that corrugated packaging does not have to hurt the environment. It’s very important to the entire Lovepac team that our customers know they are saving trees, lowering emissions, and reducing landfills by choosing our packaging materials and packing supplies.

By continuing to support us and being a “part of our pack” you too can follow our environmental footprint. Through the use of eco friendly packaging materials, we all help protect the environment, save trees, and reduce emissions.

Click here to explore our complete line of environmentally friendly packaging products and get an instant quote, or contact us for more information about Lovepac’s commitment to saving the environment… one package at a time!

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