It’s Not Just About Boxes

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You have started your business.

You have an incredible product that you know people will love.

The product is manufactured and ready to go! You googled cardboard packaging and foam inserts. You even looked at corrugated box manufacturers but you figured to yourself, it can’t be that difficult to get your products to the consumer! So, you go ahead and take care of the packaging yourself. Then, after your first shipment, the dreaded calls come in. Your product is damaged, consumers are angry, and you need a solution fast!

You need a team of box and packaging experts.

Lucky for you, at Lovepac, we specialize in custom corrugate design and manufacturing! Here is the best part about custom standard corrugated at Lovepac!

When your rep arrives and looks at the product, with modern technology we can communicate directly with our design team and if the design isn’t too complicated we can quote and you can order during the first meeting!

What other company offers that type of a solution?

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