Mission Impossible: The Box Mission

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Our client came to us with an almost impossible mission.

They need a box with handles, that can handle moisture, and hold upwards of 45 pounds without breaking. Oh, and did I mention it needs to be perfectly printed in order to maintain brand quality?

This has been a long and arduous process as we have refined, tested and retested, as we worked our way towards a solution. Corrugated material is incredibly versatile yet it can be limiting as well. It has been a challenge for our Corr design team to create a robust box that evenly distributes the weight while maintaining the integrity and marketing of the box. Quite a process, but an exciting one that is nearly completed. This one little box has countless hours of design and when finished will incorporate, full 2 sides 2 colour printing, sesame tape to guard against rips, WRA to guard against moisture and a whole lot of testing to make sure it can stand up to the wear and tear that will be inflicted upon it by the end user.

Stay tuned, you just might be seeing it in a store near you! If you are having issues with your packaging or you are wondering what is possible with corrugated, give us a call!

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