Local packaging company serves the aerospace industry

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Aerospace industry in Montreal, Quebec and the Ottawa region has proven to be stable and reliable. An industry that will remain viable for years to come.

Economic spin offs for the local economy is evident when you see the amount of business local subcontractors are getting.  Lovepac, a protective packaging manufacturer has benefitted from this. By developing it’s main foam product lines in conjunction with this growth, Lovepac has developed a unique foam product called PE kitting.

Kitting is the new trend in production due to the growing demand of various options aerospace clients want. Lovepac provides a unique kitting solution using polyethylene foam. Cut on our sample table and controlled by our design team, we are able to produce small quantities, that are very precise, in a multilevel foam layered format.

These foam kitting inserts are placed in our aerospace clients racks that will hold specific tools or parts for a specific production run. This not only increases efficiency, but also saves thousands of dollars in packaging due to it’s reusability.

Along with this unique PE kitting product, Lovepac produces traditional protective packaging.  This packaging usually revolves around foam, using corrugated or crating to compliment the overall protective packaging. Again, it’s only produced in small to medium quantities.

The benefits of the aerospace industry to small local companies such as Lovepac only adds proof to the economy that Quebec and Ottawa is a true innovative market place. When it focuses in an area that is unique to the world, even manufacturers in the foam, corrugated, and crating industries can benefit exponentially.

Visit our website and see more on what Lovepac can do for the aerospace industry.

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