Take advantage of your first meeting with a potential client by Steve Laflamme

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The impression you leave a potential client with is often decided within the first half minute. It’s obvious that punctuality is important, but even more so is your preparedness. This is not limited to the questions that you will be asked about your company and your company’s mission statement, but also the questions that you have about their business. Taking initiative in your research about a client’s business, and their possible needs, will not only save a lot of time in your negotiations, but your motivation will create a level of trust that you can continue to build upon as you move forward.

It is more likely that you need the client, than the client needing you. If they are happy with their current supplier then they may only be meeting with you so they can compare prices and be sure that they have the best possible service for the best price. As such, it is best for your point to be made briefly and clearly so that nothing is lost. Your immediate goal should be to strike their interest. Be memorable and relatable, engage them in your pitch. Each client will be different and your research should help you understand the best way to approach them. Is it your competitive prices that will be what is taken away? Maybe it’s the quick service and locality? Or is it the potential for a custom design that meets their needs? No matter what you are trying to sell you can only do so by remembering that you have to be attractive to them, someone who may have no idea about your company and its products.

The words you use will also have an impact on the impression you leave. Their are certain buzz words that the possible client will remember you for, these can include being ‘Results Oriented,’ ‘Fast,’ ‘Economical,’ ‘Competitive,’ ‘Local.’ All of these can be in your favour for when a client is trying to remember your pitch a few months down the line. Results may not happen right away, so follow up with an email a few weeks later if you haven’t heard back from them. You may not fit each other’s current goals and that’s okay! It’s better to spend your time searching for a company who will fit your client base then to work with one that doesn’t fit it at all.


You only have a few seconds to make a good impression when meeting a client for the first time. Make sure you always arrive on time and are well prepared for all their questions. When you get that first meeting take the time to go online and research the company, their products, and how they make them. For the most part, your client rarely needs you.  You need them. They are happy with their current supplier and see you because they are not doing thier job if they do not make sure they are recieving competitive prices. Take advantage of that moment by making your point quickly, talk about your expertise in your industry, and speak about the value added soltions you can offer. Be attractive to the buyer.  When they ask you a question, answer their question clearly and concisely. Add a question on to the end of your answer. This not only keeps the conversation flowing but it also provides you with more information. Use key words that sell such as we are results oriented, Exciting, Fast, Economical. Other key words that can be used to catch the intrigue of the potential client can be technology, original, quality. The trick to being successful in sales is always being prepared, try and anticipate what might happen before you even walk into the room, have your presentation well laid out in your mind, and delivery it confidently and effectively. If you follow these tips you will have a great deal of success! Good luck!

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