No Tooling, No Kitting!

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The good old Regular Slotted Carton, or RSC as it is more commonly known in the industry, is tried, tested and true. This style of box is the workhorse of the packaging industry. It comes in just about any size and strength. It can be produced in a single wall or double wall (when you have that really heavy item that needs extra protection). You can get it in kraft or oyster; printed or plain. You can ship it as an individual item or on a skid anywhere in the world. The Regular Slotted Carton box can withstand all sorts of abuse and still get your precious cargo to its final destination, safe and sound. One of the best attributes of this box is that you don’t need any tooling to make it. It can be assembled with ease, just tape it up and send it on its way. It’s not the fanciest box you will ever see but if you want something to hold up well in transport and last for a while, take my word, the good old Regular Slotted Carton is the box for meC!!!

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