Free Regular Box Samples

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Regular slotted container or RSC for short requires no tooling to make a custom size box. You will find this style of box when you move, or as a general shipping box. More importantly, you will find it as a custom box specifically sized to package one specific product.

To make this style box, the box maker simply adjusts its knives and scores accordingly. Depending on the machine, it typically takes 25-45 minutes for a setup. Because the knives and scores can be adjusted to the machines limitations, many sizes and any size can be made in this style.

In fact, any regular style box can be made. These include full over lap (FOL), five panel wrapper (5PW), half slotted container (HSC), cut out wrapper (COW), and scored and slotted tray. The list of styles that can be made without tooling is many. Above are the main styles that are typically ordered.

The key to insuring your products save arrival is choosing the correct size, style, and strength of your box.

Ask your local box maker for advice on how to improve your packaging without the added cost of tooling. Your sales rep will make you a sample, free of charge in order for you to test it before ordering.

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