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It’s funny, every time I hire someone new in our business and I start their training, they never look at a box the same way. Everything that must be thought of and analyzed to make a good corrugated box is amazing. When you are new in the business, and you visit clients, the best thing to do is to make yourself a checklist of the important questions. So what exactly should be on this list you ask?

For starters, what is the product that will be packaged and how much does it weigh? Where is it going, is it a metropolitan area, or across the ocean? How is it being transported? By truck, boat, or plane? Is it going to be shipped individually or on a pallet? Once you have all the answers to these questions, you can evaluate more accurately the strength and style of the box required to protect your product. Whether you will use single wall or double wall for the strength of the board, and whether it is going to be an RSC (regular slotted container) or an FOL (full overlap) as a style to name a few.

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