The Basics of RSCs

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REGULAR SLOTTED CONTAINER (RSC) is the most common box style. It is used in a large number of applications and is easy to produce in large quantities. Of all the boxes out there it is the most economical.

Corrugated boxes, made from a natural renewable resource, and are frequently manufactured from recycled fiber. Used corrugated boxes are very adaptable to recycling. In fact, they represent a major source of recycled paper today. Over 76% of recycled containers are reclaimed for paperboard used to make more corrugated containers.

Effective packaging and logistics solutions have become key factors in order to maintain or improve competitiveness in these enterprises. These patterns also affect national and small to medium size companies. The significant driving force is the quest for optimal package.

It is not only necessary that the package provide fundamental functions, but also that it be accomplished with the lowest possible cost and a minimum of environmental impact.

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