Die Cut Box. Any Style.

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The most famous corrugated die cut box around is the pizza style box.  Typically this is a square box that everyone usually see’s when they order in pizza on a Fridaynight.  However, this style can be made in different lengths, width, and heights.  We use this style to custom design our packaging for many products in the electronic industry as well as the food industry.

It is very important to understand that a corrugated box can be made into unlimited shapes and sizes.  Our design department will use many of the typical die cut styles to develop a protective pack.  In many cases they will create completely unique styles that are made specifically for a clients product.

Die cut corrugated boxes can be made in any style-imagination is the only thing holding a good packaging design from being great. If you are interested in looking at redesigning your packaging, we offer free design prototypes. Contact  info@lovepac.com  and a designer will look at your project.

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