The Die Cut Pizza Box

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The die cut box can be made in many different style and shapes! My favorite one is called the digital style or more commonly known as the pizza box.

You can use this box exactly for that! Pizzerias around the world have been using this style of box for years to send piping hot, fresh made pizzas to their customers. You can have it just plain white or you can have it printed 2, 3, 4 colors. This box is not just good for sending pizzas out. It has been used for software, games, and educational toys. You name it this box has been used for it. The digital style box provides solid protection for whatever you are shipping. You can customize it by creating an insert inside the box that protects the items your shipping even more. Not really recommended for the pizza!!!

The digital style (Pizza Box) is one of the best shipping options in the industry and provides a very tasty treat!

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