The Beauty of Die Cut Boxes

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The beauty of a die cut box is it could take almost any shape or form that you want with square angles. We custom make all of our boxes, and die cuts are a big part of our manufacturing.

Our qualified designers can draw the perfect corrugated box for your requirement in whatever size, strength (ECT). And the fun thing about these specialty boxes is they are self-locking most of the time, which means there is no tape required to close the box. You can just pick one up assemble it and you’re ready to pack.

This type of packaging marries very well with foam protection inside the box to insure the safekeeping of your product during transportation. This category of packaging is also very useful as a gift box; with an outside paper in white, a fine flute such as E flute and a nice printing you’ve got yourself the perfect gift box.

To get ideas on how to create an original die cut box, visit our website at .

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