PART TWO – Foam Pack: Corrugated and foam together

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If you have vulnerable items that need to be transported then polyethylene foam packaging  is the way to go! Polyethylene foam is one of the most common tools used for packaging and transportation of goods from manufacturers to suppliers and end users. Its ability to take knocks, bumps, and scuffs without damaging the goods inside means that products doesn’t get damaged in transit.  There are numerous benefits of using this material for transportation of goods as compared to other materials. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Foam products are recyclable
  • Require no assembly time
  • Moisture resistant
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • High insulation value
  • Excellent cushioning properties
  • Non-abrasive

Lovepac’s custom foam fabrication is an extremely versatile and cost effective way to meet your protective packaging needs. Our team of designers and fabrication experts will be able to provide you with the best solution for your packaging needs. And it will be made with love!

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