Corrugated Foam Packs

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The corrugated foam pack is ideal for shipping. You can ship extremely fragile items with confidence knowing that they will be very well protected. This type of packaging is used in every application possible, from the electronics industry to the aviation industry. Multi-million dollar parts are shipped this way. The design of the foam and box can be made to almost any specification you are looking for. The foam can come in different strength and thicknesses. For example, Polyethylene foam is a hard foam while Polystyrene foam is more pliable and softer. You can also get a convoluted foam which is what you see in the picture below. The box can also be made in to any style you want, from the standard RSC (Regular slotted carton) to a specific die cut box. Usually tooling is required to produce these items. So, if you’re looking to ship that fragile family heirloom or multi-million dollar parts, a corrugated foam pack is one of the best ways to go. For more detail give us a call at Lovepac and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with all your packaging needs!

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