Implementing Kitting to Our 5S Stations

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Lovepac has been servicing the Aerospace and electronic industry with foam kitting for almost two years now.

Our typical client wants to solve several issues:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Clear and visual procedure
  • Place for everything
  • ROI

We typically send our design team directly onto our clients floor.  Working from station to station measuring and organizing tools or parts to optimize each station. Kitting quantities usually vary from 1-10 kits per station.  When all is decided and measured, our designer goes back and does final touches to the design before making the kit. The kitting is usually made using polyethylene foam cavities that is then glued to a polyethylene or cross link base.  These are then either put into a metal, plastic, or corrugated frame thus solving our clients standard 5S procedure.

Kitting is an excellent way of improving your companies efficiencies.  We are finally implementing what we sell to our clients and have discovered a new level of improvements.

Call Lovepac at 514-904-4300 or email us at  to get started on your plant.

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