Foam Kitting Provided by Lovepac

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Foam kitting is a great way to keep products in order and protect individual pieces during the shipping process. You can use both types of foam. Polyethylene foam is harder and has a high density, it is used in the pictures above, or you can use polyurethane for more delicate items. Regardless of the weight, size of the product you are trying to protect, whether it be in a box or a wooden crate, at Lovepac we can come up with a solution for shipping your product. The foam can have as many or as little compartments or cut outs as you require. You can include protective foam sheets for the bottom and top. To ensure extra protection. kitting is also a great option for around the work shop. You can have all the tools in their proper place when not being used, eliminating lost or misplaced tools. This helps prevent lost time, damage to tools etc… No matter what you are looking for, give Lovepac a call and we can help with any of your foam kitting needs.

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