Our Design Services

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Lovepac’s Design Squad offers free design packaging services that include a free sample.  If you meet at least three of the criteria listed below, I recommend you contact us for a free consultation, free design services and a free sample.  We can look at one of your new projects or analyze your existing packaging.  If you feel that you need to optimize materials, reduce damage, and/or reduce inventory on your floor, look at the list below and contact us.

Design Squad Criteria

  • You are a manufacturer of a repeat product
  • Product is fragile
  • Product is heavy
  • Product is expensive
  • Product ships around the world
  • Your budget on packaging is a maximum of 1-2% of your product value

Contact us at info@lovepac.com and a sales representative will qualify your project in advance.  We are fully insured so you can feel safe in leaving your prototype with us. We can also send our designer directly to your facility and go through an optimum analysis of your project and provide the optimal combination of industrial protective packaging materials.

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