Egg Box

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I have a client who has been using the standard 15 dozen corrugated egg box for as long as he can remember. The box works very well and the client is very happy with it and really did not want to look at alternatives. Why fix something if it is not broken, was the client’s mind set. With a little persistence, I was able to convince my client to take a look at a possible alternative, which could save him money in labor cost and other material. The current box is taped on the bottom and is closed at the top by inserting the flaps into little cut outs. I proposed to my client that we change the bottom of the box to one that is self-locking. This will eliminate having to tape the bottom of the box. My client was apprehensive to say the least. I provided him with some samples for testing. I left him to think about the possibilities this box could bring. I followed up a few weeks later and the client had done some calculations. It turns out, with this new box, he can have a cost saving with eliminating the tape and cutting down on the time it takes to assemble the box. We are in the process of making small modifications to the box and moving on to final approval. With all that being said, my client is very satisfied and it looks very positive for us to move forward in building a long lasting relationship between my client and Lovepac! Check out our blog for future updates or visit our web site

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