Offering Flexibility with Layered Inventory

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The best part of being a sheet plant is the flexibility we can provide to our clients. Compared to the larger companies that have a corrugator built into their facility they do not have any flexibility at all. Once the order is in the system, they can only follow the process until the order is complete. At Lovepac we carry a layered inventory. That means we have certain sizes of corrugated sheets in different tests that we can use to help a client who might be out of stock and needs his rsc’s in a quick turnaround.

We can also provide an extra layer of security for our clients by keeping inventory of the client’s product on our floor as finished product. Our client provides us with a purchase order for a certain amount. We produce that amount and our client draws from that over an agreed upon time frame usually 2-3 months. This way our client knows that they can have their boxes delivered to them within a 24 to 36 hour period as opposed to a production run that is 10-12 working days. This is not something that is for all clien t but layered inventory provides Lovepac the opportunity to service clients in a way that not all corrugated manufactures can.

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