Safe, Simple and Secure

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Foam end caps are the simplest type of cushioned packaging on the market. In most cases, the cost savings using this type of design is considerable. Given the fact that you will not only save an immense amount of time when packing your product, you will also save money by not using an excessive amount of material.  Don’t forget the savings by not having the added costs of returns due to damage during transport.

This style is usually made with a 2” air gap between the corrugated wall and the product, resulting in a highly impact resistant package that also has memory.  This means that if it takes an impact, the foam will rebound back to its original shape. The most important feature that foam end caps offer is the fact that your product will not shift during transport. Unlike foam peanuts, paper, or other fill products, the foam end caps will encompass your product and keep it there-safe and secure in the box- the entire time, until it reaches your customer.

Finally, it just looks better!  The impact your product will have with your client when you use a professionally designed packaging system for your product is unparalleled. It will increase your client satisfaction and allow you to maximize your profits.

Choose foam end caps and simplify your business.

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