Eco-Friendly Packaging from Lovepac

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4. Eco-Friendly Packaging from Lovepac

Earth Day is fast approaching on April 22, 2016!

At Lovepac we pride ourselves on being as green as possible! From having motion sensor lighting in our facility that activates when there is movement in our plant, to our recycling mission with our foam and corrugated materials, all corrugated scrap material that is left over from an order is placed in a bailer that turns all the corrugated into a large bundle. From there, the scrap material is picked up and brought to paper mills, where the scrap is turned into and then transformed into paper. We also provide a foam material called Revive. This product is made of 75% recycled content. The physical properties of regular foam and Revive foam are virtually the same. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to be Eco-Friendly and help protect our environment!

So if you’re looking to help protect our earth and not sacrifice quality, give Lovepac a call. Not only will you get great service and quality products, you can take pride in helping do your part to make sure everyone gets involved with protecting the environment.

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