Virgin Kraft paper vs Recycled Kraft paper

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6. Virgin Kraft paper vs Recycled Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a very strong paper, whether it’s virgin or recycled.

The virgin kraft has a more aesthetic brown colour than the recycled one that has a greyish brown tinge. You can have the same colour as the virgin kraft by adding a dye to recycled kraft paper.

We at Lovepac think that being green is important, so we try to use recycled kraft more often then anything else. The process of paper recycling involves mixing used paper with water and chemicals to break it down, whereupon it is chopped up and heated, which breaks it down further into strands of cellulose. The same fibres can be recycled many times but they will get shorter every time and eventually be strained out.  We add virgin kraft paper to the mixture so that we can ensure a good balance and maintain excellent quality.

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